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Are you a Healthcare Professional (including Mental Health Professional) or a Health Professional in Training?

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Are you a Physician, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Registered Dietician, Case Manager, First Responder, Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or other Health Professional not mentioned here? 

(The American Institute of Stress describes the difference between Burnout & Compassion Fatigue)

As a Healthcare Professional, you use

'The Self', Your 'Self', to The Max!


You are Constantly Communicating!

You communicate (verbally and non-verbally) to build thousands of relationships, to listen and understand, to consult ...



You are a Multitasking Ninja! 

As a professional responsible, in some part, for the delivery of primary, secondary, tertiary, or even quaternary care ...




You are not Daunted by

Commitment and Hard Work!

You chose to become a healthcare professional knowing (to some extent) how demanding and challenging ...

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Medical Consultation

You are also a Compassion Ninja!

Your role demands that you are able to show

compassion and provide comfort to your clients/patients ... 


Health Professional

Generally, Your Glass is Almost Always 'Half Full' and Your Picture is next to Teamwork' in the Dictionary!

However, despite your positive attitude and general good humor, you are also human, with the needs that belong to the human ...  

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Medical Team

 Because of your professional and personal ethics and integrity, saying 'NO' to patients/clients and co-workers is extremely uncomfortable for you, and you may be noticing some signs of what is known as moral distress

In your area, patient/client care may be 'rationed' due to lack of time/staff. You may have been told to 'delegate more', 'find more work-balance' or to 'just say no', but you may ...


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Doctors with Bacteriological Protection Suits

You are courageous, and the world bore witness to this in 2020 and 2021

'Working COVID' may have resulted in your experiencing physical and mental exhaustion (burnout) because of the constant risk ... 


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So, if I'm such a 'Cool Ninja',

what's going on with me?  

Could it be...

Are you Experiencing Some of the


Some Challenges Experienced by Healthcare Professionals Seeking Therapy...

If you are a healthcare professional working in a remote area or a small town, you may be hesitant in seeking therapy because the few people offering therapy there will likely be known to you, and you may not want to discuss your issues with someone you will see at work or run into at the grocery store. Nobody...   


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