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Have you become cynical or critical at work or at home?

Do you find it difficult getting started in the morning and may even be arriving at work later than usual?

Are you becoming irritable with family members, patients/clients or co-workers

Are you lacking motivation and energy to get you through the day? 

Are you finding it difficult to focus, and/or are you forgetting to do things you generally remembered without difficulty?

Are you lacking satisfaction from your achievements/a job well done?

Are you feeling disillusioned about your job and thinking that another job will make you feel better? 

Are you eating more (or less), drinking more alcohol, taking drugs (non-prescribed, OTC, street) to 'numb out' or feel better? 

Are you sleeping significantly less or more than usual? 

Are you having unexplained headaches, stomach or bowel problems, or other physical complaints?

Are you getting behind on your workload because you keep putting it off 'until you feel better'?

Are you avoiding home chores/activities?


Has a family member/co-worker mentioned that 'you just don't seem yourself'?

Have you been gambling online or searching dating sites, believing it will make you feel better?

Are you and your significant other experiencing issues that you have not been able to resolve by yourselves?

Are you spending more? driving faster? engaging in other risky behaviours to help you feel better?

Do you find yourself looking for excuses to leave work early?


The First Order of Business is To Talk to Your Doctor (even if you are a doctor) to RULE OUT anything physical that may be causing your symptoms, and to ensure that you are a candidate for therapy

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