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Issues that bring Families to Family Therapy

Conflicts between family members

Substance Abuse or addiction in any family member

Mental Illness in any member of the family 

Siblings who disagree about Inheritance from Parents

Siblings with unresolved issues due to perceptions of not being treated fairly in their family-of-origin

Financial problems or disagreements about money

Serious Illness in a Family Member (diagnosis of Cancer, MS, etc)

When One or more Children are Experiencing School Problems

Difficulties between Adolescent/Young Adult and School Staff

Difficulties between Child/Adolescent /Young Adult and a Step-Parent

When any family member going through a Life Stage Transition

Family-of-Origin Issues

Issues with Technology and social media (Parent)

Issues with Technology and social media (Child, Adolescent, Young Adult)

Estrangement in Family System

Family Moving to a New Town and Kids Moving to New School

When adult Family Members are Struggling with Sharing Support for Parent or Grandparent

When there has been Serious Changes in Family Finances and Standard of Living 

When a parent/step-parent/parent's partner (who has lived with and cared for and about the child) has decided to move out of the home

When a parent begins a relationship with another partner

When a parent is pregnant with a new sibling in a new relationship

Unexpected Pregnancy of Adolescent or Young Adult

Blended Family Issues

Grandparents and the grandchildren and great grandchildren they parent experience challenges

After Incest has occurred

After Significant Trauma has happened to any family members

After the death of a parent, step-parent, parent's partner, or sibling

When a parent is attending residential substance use treatment

When an Adolescent or Young Adult is Attending Residential Substance Use Treatment

When any child or adolescent is experiencing behavior problems

Caring for a family member with special needs

Issues with extended family members

When adolescents and young adults are aware that a parent, step-parent or parent's partner has engaged in infidelity 

Separation or divorce

When parents are planning he shared custody of children

Substance Use Disorder (Parent)
Substance Abuse (Adolescent or Young Adult)

Process Addiction (Parent)

Process Addiction (Adolescent or Young Adult)

A Family Member has been Incarcerated

A Family Member is about to be released from Incarceration

Deliberate Self-Harm in Family Member

Issues Related to Not Being Able to see a Parent

Trust Issues Between Biological Children and Partner's Children

Loss of a Treasured Family Pet

Non-Compliance with Family Boundaries

Emotional Dysregulation Issues with Parent

Emotional Dysregulation Issues with Child/Adolescent or Young Adult

Physical Abuse (Children to Children)

Physical Abuse (Parent to Biological Child)

Physical Abuse (Parent to Partner's Child)

Emotional Abuse (Parent to Biological Child)

Emotional Abuse (Parent to Partner's Child)

Supporting a Child/Adolescent or Young Adult with a Chronic Illness

Recent Separation or Divorce of Parents

Non-Recent Separation or Divorce of Parents

Recent Death in Family or Friendship Group
Foster Parents and New Foster Child/Childreen


Perfect families DO NOT EXIST! Issues occur in families, even the 'healthiest' of families! Often families believe they should be able to prevent any and all challenges between family members or happening to family members. Altogether they have done their best, parents and their children often still compare themselves to some mythical 'perfect' family and feel shame and guilt because they are not 'like them'.

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