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you are generally responsible for the current (and sometimes follow-up) care of clients/patients (generally, multiple clients/patients during a day/shift/block of time). This includes assessing their healthcare needs, planning for care (which can mean referring or consulting with others), implementing care, and evaluating care provided. This may mean liaising/consulting with other healthcare professionals, monitoring for adverse effects of treatment, communicating with clients' families, keeping up-to-date with documentation and form completion (which may not be your favourite tasks), making and responding to phone calls, attending meetings, completing quality assurance reports, grabbing a cup of coffee here or there, and hopefully eating lunch most days. With such a busy role, its a good thing you are a Multitasking Ninja, but as you are aware, even ninjas need time to unplug, regroup, and take care of their own mental and physical health needs.
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