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                      Workplace Issues that Bring People to Therapy 



Stress Related to Workplace Conflict 

Stress Related to Workplace Issue: Consistently High Workload and/or High Patient Acuity 

Stress Related to Workplace Issue: Working beyond expected time, Working through Breaks, Extended Working Hours (overtime/on 'off' days)


Stress Related to Workplace Issue: Poor Inter-Shift Recovery;

Stress Related to Workplace: Inflexibility of Schedule Interferes with Parenting/Caring for Elderly Family Member/Other.

Stress Related to Workplace:  High Levels of Chronic Illness (mentally or physically). 

Stress Related to Workplace:  Casual/Temporary Employees (through no fault of their own), who may be Unfamiliar with Patients /Clients or the Client Treatment areas

Stress Related to Workplace: Inconsistency between one's Competency and the   Competency Required for Role 

Stress Related to Workplace: Moral Distress Related to Constraints in the Workplace that Prevents the Delivery of Meeting the Standard of Care to Patients/Clients

Stress Related to Workplace: Interpersonal Conflict/ Lack of Expected Support/Imbalance in Hierarchy of Power.

Stress Related to Related to Workplace: Actual or Potential Violence and Abuse from patients/clients (emotional abuse, threat of assault, physical assault, verbal sexual harassment, Bullying)

Stress Related to Workplace: Physical Injury related to Violence and Abuse from patients/clients (physical assault)


Stress Related to Workplace Insufficient Time for Adequate Documentation

Stress Related to Workplace Lack of Help/ Lack of Support Staff

Stress Related to Workplace Lack of Autonomy over one's own Practice/Overprepared for a Role

Stress Relate to Workplace Being Supervised by a Professional from Another Discipline who does not clearly understand one's Scope of Practice

Stress Related to Workplace: Little Experience in a Role that Requires a Seasoned Professional

Stress Related to Lack of Time for Self-care, for Building Stress Resiliency/Developing Work Hardening and Developing Professional and Social Networks

Related to Workplace: Torn Between One's Duty to Report and Needing to Stay in the Job

Related to Workplace: Workplace has a Negative Culture

Related to Workplace: Anxiety Related to Needing to Learn New Workplace Skills, and Lacking the Confidence to Begin Learning


Stress Related to Lack of Connectedness to others who Understand one's level of Stress

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