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you to ask about our credentials, qualifications, and experience, as well as to ask us how we believe we can help you with your problem.  Using couples therapy as an example, you can ask us about the couples therapy education and supervised training we have received, and if we were supervised by a professional who was accredited as a couples therapy supervisor. It is your right to know a therapists preparedness to work with you on your problem and to know that your therapist will not becoming defensive or territorial. You can also ask about the percentage of couples therapy we have delivered, if we ever make judgements about family members who are not in the room,  and if we see some family members as being 'bad' and ithers 'good'. We believe that effective couples and family therapy helps partners and family members truly understand one another better, and develop a plan, as well as tools to use in fostering stable connection between them. You can ask about the structure and length of sessions,  how long the assessment will take, how the end of treatment is decided, and if there is follow-up. The same principles apply to other forms of therapy we offer. 

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