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before credentialing, it continues long after, and this is where the rubber meets the road as at that point we build on existing knowledge and skills to become expert in pattern recognition. This is the point where we have gained the knowledge, skills and experience to understand many patterns as they occur and recur in the human experience. We come to your assessment with that particular store of knowledge while, at the same time, we are open to exceptions and personal factors. Most social workers and family therapists are expert in the role of pattern recognition within a few years of qualifying because they have been exposed to an abundance of challenging cases, have the relevant course work and hours of supervised experience, have had expert supervisors along the way that helps them recognize human tendencies common to humans experience. We have also been inducted into the 'responsibility role' of being ever conscious of 'knowing what you do not know' and 'researching , researching, researching'  as new clients with new issues are seen, and also in becoming continuous learners in our field.

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