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 We will be transparent and involves you in decisions about goals related to your therapy, how to reach your goals, what to do when therapy is not 'working'. When symptoms are not improving, we do not hesitate to re-conceptualize your issues to see what is getting in the way of improvement. Collaboration in therapy is grounded in integrity, relational ethics, accountability, and expert knowledge and skills, and would venture to say that true collaboration does not occur outside these factors. While we are expert in the knowledge of the profession, you know what is valuable and meaningful to you and in this way, you are the expert in your own life and experiences (many of which we may have little or no knowledge). In this way, the therapist-client relationship is a partnership in which we work 'together' and while we remain focused on the reality that we are expert in the helping process, that expertness does not extend to imposing our values and preferences onto you. We are ever aware that we are in a very privileged place to be invited into the lives of another human being, and we protect and honour this 'sacred space'.

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